10 Amazing Ways To Make Your Breasts Grow Bigger With Vaseline in just 30 days!

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Vaseline is a brand of petroleum-jelly-based products, which includes skin creams, lotions, cleansers and deodorants. However, these products may also help in many other ways – you can use them for lip care, to hydrate your cuticles, soften the skin on your elbows, ankles and can be also used for some unusual purposes.

This amazing products can be also used for increasing the cup size of your breasts. It may sound unbelievable, but, its true. Many women are doing it and the result is amazing, and this unusual use can be perform at home. All you have to do is – Gently rub Vaseline on your breasts, then put a dab of toothpaste on the nipples. Repeat the process every night before going to bed for 30 days, and you’ll behold the amazing result.

Besides helping you to increasing the cup size of your breasts, there are many other uses of Vaseline you probably never knew about…

#1. Use It As Your Face or Body Moisturizer
During cold seasons, Vaseline is a must have for me. My skin gets super dry and flaky when it’s cold – especially my face. So what I do is – before I go to bed, I put Vaseline on my dry areas like around my nose and my chin. I do this before bed because I don’t like the sticky feeling on my face while doing my everyday work, and since your face is lubed up – dirt, dust and other impurities could stick on your face so I recommend doing this before bed. For those who have sensitive skin like me, this is safe. Vaseline is non comedogenic so it wont clog your pores. You can also use this to moisturize dry areas on your body like your elbows.

#2. Use It As a Makeup Remover
As I’ve said, Vaseline is non comedogenic, so it’s safe to use on your face. To get those waterproof mascaras and liners off, get some baby wipes, cue tip or cotton pad and dip it into your Vaseline. Gently rub that on your eye area and your mascara or liners will be off easily. This also helps to moisturize your eye area. Keeping it moisturized will decrease the chances of wrinkle appearance.

#3. Overnight Lip Therapy
If you got dry, but, you hate applying lip balm during the day, what you could do is – apply a generous amount of Vaseline on to your lips before you go to bed. This will make them luscious and essencially more kissable. This method is espacially effective in fall and winter. Mixing a bit of the jelly with kool-aid powder will give you a nice flavoured lip gross.

#4. DIY Sugar Lip Scrub
Just mix a teaspoon of Vaseline with a teaspoon of sugar, and then give those lips some scrubbing for about a minute. Leave that on your lips for a good 5 minutes then wipe it off. After that, your lips will be moisturized and plump. I have been doing this myself for the past 3 years and this has improved my lip texture, and my lips are not as dry and chapped as before.

#5. Cuticle Moisturizer
After pampering your nails, our cuticles tends to dry after being soaked into nail polish removers and cuticle removers, so to moisturize them, just put some Vaseline on it. This moisturizes them faster than hand creams because Vaseline gives a heavier moisture effect to our skin.

#6. Seal Split Ends
Lack of moisture to your hair ends is one of the main roots of split ends. All you gotta do is take a little bit of petroleum, rub it between your fingers and just polish your ends with it. The moisture will prevent you hair ends from breakage.

#7. Prevent Canker Mouth Sore
What causes canker mouth Sore for those who has braces is due to irritation from braces. When the inside part of our mouth is dry, then the skin inside our mouth sticks to the brackets of the braces, specifically those areas of our mouth that has a contact with the brackets – which is around the back of the lips and around the cheeks. What you could do to prevent this drying is to put Vaseline onto your teeth before you go to bed. Don’t worry this is non toxic and you won’t even taste it.

#8. Tame Baby Hairs
If you got these baby hairs sticking up on your hairline when you put your hair up in a pony tail (especially if you have curly hair), you can use Vaseline to tame them down in place. You can use a cue tip for this or a clean mascara wand. This is a better solution than using hair gels, hair sprays or hair wax.

#9. Moisturize Your Feet
At least once a week, our feet could use a little pampering too. Just put some Vaseline all over your feet (yes this could get a little messy and sticky) then cover them with socks. Leave this over night and in the next morning, your feet will be super soft.

My next, and the last use for Vaseline is actually a bit far from the Vaseline beauty hacks. This is just something I do for my pet, and I just wanna share this to those who are a dog or a cat Mommy like me.

#10. That’s the use of Vaseline as pets paw moisturizer.
The paw pads of a dog should be rough in order to perform healthy daily activities. For that, the paws should be rid of dryness and calluses. When my dog Snowy – a West Highland Terrier was just 4 months old, I love touching her paws. They were just super soft like a baby’s feet. Then when she turned 1 and half I noticed her paws now has calluses. So what I do to soften them is to put a little Vaseline on her paws. Just don’t put to much because they might end up licking them – my dog seems to love the taste of Vaseline so I don’t really put much on to her paws. Same might happen with your dogs and cats so just don’t put too much. And that’s it for my top Easy Vaseline Beauty Hacks.

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