Top 10 Bizarre Human-Animal Relationships

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Top 10 bizarre human-animal relationships – animals can be a man’s best friend but sometimes the lines get blurred and some
relationships between humans and their animals can go to some bizarre places. Are you
ready top teners to take on people who really “love” their animals, check out this
list and find out.

In 2006 this man from South Sudan named Charles Tombe was forced to marry a goat with which he was caught engaging in sexual activity in the Hai Malakal suburb of Juba, South Sudan. The owner of the goat subdued the perpetrator and asked village elders to consider the matter. The Elders decided that he should not be taken to the police, but rather let him pay a dowry for my goat because he used it as his wife. The perpetrator was thus ordered to marry the goat, pay the cost of the goat and pay a dowry of 15,000 dinar (equating to US$50 in 2006), with half of the dowry up front. The goat apparently acquired the name “Rose” during the elders’ deliberations as part of a joke. The goat died a year later due to sodomy-related reasons.

In 2013 this millionaire fashion designer decided to marry his cat. He says the cat has influenced a lot of his work in the fashion industry. When he’s away he makes his house help write down everything the cat does so he can catch up on it later. His pampered moggie, named Choupette, already lives a life of luxury, so if it could somehow agree to get married, it couldn’t be accused of gold digging. It is currently illegal to get married to an animal, which the Channel chief said he was disappointed and frustrated about. What’s even crazier about this is Karl was only supposed to be looking after the cat for a friend but fell in love with it so much that he refused to give it back.

This 18 year old teenager from Bali Indonesia clutching a cow in a very inappropriate way, He claimed he believed the cow was a young and beautiful woman and that the cow had been flirting with him and seduced him to the point where he decided to fondle it, He was later caught having s3x with the cow, after that he was forced to marry the cow as a ritual to clean the village of the unholy act of the man meeting with a cow. To be honest I just feel bad for the cow.

In 2006 this Indian man caught two dogs copulating and stoned them to death. Soon after this he began experiencing paralysis in his hands and feet. He believed that this was a curse that was a punishment of these killings. To cure the curse he married a dog named sylvia in 2007. So next time you are sick don’t bother seeing a doctor, just marry a dog.

This German man loves his feline so much that he was determined to marry it. He wanted to do it urgently as they discovered it was ill and would die soon. However he had to find a loophole as getting wed to an animal is illegal in Germany. He paid an actress $400 to act as an officiate so he could tie the knot with his cat. He said I do, the cats said meow and they were pronounced man and cat wife. Congratulations man! But your cat doesn’t just look too happy, you better make sure it doesn’t file for divorce.

In 2010 this Australian man married his labrador dog named HONEY. They were Wed in a local park in Australia and over thirty members of Guiso’s family and friends turned up but they’re worried too much as Joseph says his relationship with the canine is not sexual, so I wonder what happened at the dogs bachelor party.

#7. Mark Matthews:
Mark Matthews was fairly regulated in his teen years. He was attracted to girls until the age of 16 when his tastes began to change. He soon began developing crushes and relationships with horses and ponies. In 1992 he married a pony named Pixel. The happy couple was even visited by Jerry Springer through special episode. However, it was deemed too outrageous and was never broadcast.

As part of a bizarre ritual two 7-year-old girls from a small Indian village were made to marry frogs. The ritual apparently prevent outbreaks from diseases among the village. The ceremony was held in front of practically the entire village consisting of hundreds of people. Luckily for the girls, frog there have a very long lifespan.

In 2005 this eccentric British millionaire married a dolphin named Cindy. Sharon met Cindy at the holiday resort in Israel and have allegedly been in love ever since. Four years into their relationship, Sharon decided to marry Cindy. The ceremony was held at the resort in front of dozens of people, the wedding even had this male Dolphins who were trained to act as Cindy’s friends. It must have been really awkward meeting the parents.

In 2016 this woman from Florida was arrested for having sex with two of her pet dog’s. She was fined $6,000 after her partner sent the video to the court of having oral and normal sex with her two pet dogs. As this video is being made her court date is still pending and it’s unclear whether she’ll face jail time. Thanks for watching hopefully this video didn’t creep you out too much, more also don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing videos.

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