Top 10 Superfoods That Increase Your Sperm Count | Fertility foods for men | Improve Semens Volume

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From pomegranate to dark chocolate, we reveal the 10 foods that boost male fertility (and why it’s time to ditch the coffee)

#1. THE TOMATOES – For Sperm Count
Fruit? Vegetable? Either way, this superfood is ready to boost your sperm count. Tomatoes are one of the best food sources of the antioxidant lycopene. There have been several studies undertaken on lycopene and male fertility, and it has been found to significantly improve the sperms ability to swim by reducing potentially damaging reactive oxygen species activity, and structure of sperm. The best part – Lycopene is more available in cooked or processed tomatoes, so use tomato puree for a real hit, and add olive oil to aid absorption of this fat-soluble antioxidant.

#2. THE WALNUT – For Sperm Count
Warning: We’re about to get a little nuts here. Walnuts that is! Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and according to a study by the Society for the Study of Reproduction, eating 2.5 oz or around 75g of walnuts – about a handful daily – is linked with increased sperm vitality, motility and morphology. Walnuts are also a source of Coenzyme Q10. Like many of the foods listed here, the Coenzyme Q10 in walnuts protect sperm, while also helping sperm generate energy more efficiently. They’re a great way to add flavour and crunch to salads or as a nutritious mid afternoon snack to help manage blood sugar levels. Unlike a lot of the Superfoods listed here, a handful of walnuts can be eaten everyday! Go ahead, get crackin’ and munch on a few walnuts.

#3. PUMPKIN SEEDS – For Sperm Count & Libido
These seeds are high in zinc, which plays an important role in sperm development and testosterone production. Pumpkin seeds are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate blood flow to sexual organs and improve sexual function. Hmmm – very good things when a man is being called to “duty”. They are also rich in several other essential minerals and vitamins. Choose raw organic pumpkin seeds for optimal nutritional value, and sprinkle into cereals, salads and smoothies. Looking for other ways to stock up on omega-3s? Try flaxseed, almonds, or fatty fish like salmon and sardines.

#4. THE GARLIC – For Sperm Motility
Not only is it useful for keeping Twilight fans away, garlic also contains vitamin B-6. While you’ve probably never really given B-6 much thought, it’s crucial in regulating your sex hormones. Considered a natural aphrodisiac and sexual superfood, garlic contains Selenium, and antioxidant necessary for sperm motility and Allicin, and compound that increases blood flow to the male sex organs and increase libido. Add it to your daily mix to see a boost in sex drive and an increase in sperm count. Just make sure you buy some chewing gum before you hit the bars. Like all things, enjoy moderation. While a little garlic can do wonders for your fertility, too much garlic can inhibit sperm production, so garlic can be used most effectively in moderation as a seasoning. For a rise in sperm count, start adding 1-2 garlic cloves to a meal daily. This will also provide you with a nice boost in libido.

#5. THE BLUEBERRIES – For Sperm Count & Motility
Blueberries are wonderful source of powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants, including quercetin and resveratrol. Studies show that quercetin can help in maintaining healthy sperm parameters, including motility, quality, and resveratrol has been found to improve sperm count and motility. Include a handful of blueberries daily, they’re delicious whizzed up in a smoothie, or sprinkled over Greek yoghurt, and topped with a little good quality granola and some chopped walnuts.

#6. THE ASPARAGUS – For Volume
Asparagus is another weapon against those nasty free radicals. It’s also packed with vitamin C, which protects the cells of your testes and sperm from damage, and increases its motility and volume – so your man will have more swimmers and they’ll move faster. They also contain Folic Acid. Well worth the price of some slightly smelly urine. Include asparagus in your dinners a few times a week. This healthy vegetable will not only improve your health, but add some class to your meals.

#7. THE BANANAS – For Libido
Bananas have been found to increase male libido, and reverse impotence in men. Bananas regulate sex hormones because of an enzyme called bromelain. They’re also full of vitamins C, A and B1, which will boost your body’s ability to produce sperm, and increase the body’s overall energy levels.

#8. THE WATER – For Ejaculate Increase
One of the simplest ways of improving sperm count and quality is to drink enough water. But, how much water should a man drink to affect semen production, and does dehydration really impact semen production enough to impair fertility? How much water? This age-old question is one experts and nutritionists have been trying to answer for decades. There is no definitive amount of water a man should drink, but there are a few signs that you’ve consumed enough. If your urine is a light yellow – you are hydrated. If urine is a dark yellow, you need to drink more water. Semen is water based, and increasing liquid consumption can help increase the ejaculate and improve sperm production. Ensure it is more water that you are consuming. Caffeine is a diuretic, and soft drinks may be linked with lowering sperm counts. Aside from basic water intake, increasing alcohol intake can also affect semen production. Alcohol causes dehydration, so drinking more alcohol can reduce fertility, not because you are producing less sperm, but because you are producing less semen and semen quality drops with excessive intake.

#9. THE POMEGRANATES – For Sperm Quality & Libido
Pomegranate juice has long been in the spotlight as a Superfood. Sperm is particularly susceptible to damage due to their high concentration of polyunsaturated fats, and Pomegranates have one of the highest antioxidant scores that help to neutralize the cellular and DNA damaging effects of free radicals. They are also high in vitamin C and have antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. This bright red fruit can also cause surges in testosterone, improve sperm quality and increase sex drive and mood in both sexes. It is also successful in managing erectile dysfunction, fighting infection, soothing inflammation in the body, and reducing the risk of heart disease. A Turkish study showed that rats fed pomegranate juice daily for seven weeks showed an increase in the production of antioxidants that help protect the vulnerable fatty acids in sperm against oxidation. Drink a glass of good quality, 100 percent pomegranate juice daily.

#10. THE DARK CHOCOLATE – For Antioxidants
Dark chocolate contains an amino acid that has been proven to increase the volume ejaculate, and improve sperm count and motility. It’s also high in antioxidants – enough to rival pomegranates and acai berries. Antioxidants are a great weapon against free radicals, nasty little molecules found in pollution and toxins that are linked to male infertility. The darker the chocolate, the better. Try the delicious bittersweet 85-percent dark chocolate. But, don’t go overboard. Putting on weight can cause imbalances in testosterone which could lower your man’s sperm count. A couple of squares a day is plenty.

…and, here are 2 things – to give up!

Research shows that aspartame – sweetener widely used in diet drinks is linked with lower sperm count, and can contribute to sperm DNA damage. Don’t rush out and buy the full fat version, though as the high sugar content is not good news, and research shows that men who consume more soft drinks of any kind tend to have lower sperm counts.

Although studies seem to show that caffeine does not adversely affect sperm count, the ability to swim or the shape of the sperm, but, an American study found that higher caffeine consumption appears to reduce the chances of a clinical pregnancy during IVF. So (both partners) try to keep to one “decent” cup of coffee daily.

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